In this section, we’ll talk about my greatest passion; archery

Thousands of years ago, the bow and arrow was truly feared by all. The Mongols, the Chinese, the Egyptians, and all other ancient civilizations realized the awesome power of this pair that they started using the bow and arrow for strategic combat. It wasn’t until a few hundred years that the use of the bow and arrow was relegated for competition purposes only. Until now, the bow and arrow remainĀ as a reminder of how something so simple and flexible could be powerful in the hands of a skilled human being.

This theory also applies for the sport of archery.

In this section, we’ll talk about tips, tricks and other trivia facts about archery. For everyone interested in the sport, you might want to check this section daily or weekly for fresh updates. If in case I didn’t post anything for this week or two, then don’t worry; that usually means that I’m working on a longer post.